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and speakers. november 5, election day, goldie hawn will be here at the national press club. gg will be, judd gre here. he plans to unveil protections for investors to be endorsed by the anti-group. november 11, president and ceo of the charles schwab operation. i would like to present our guest with the traditional npc m ug. [applause] i am sorry it did not come from rei. last question we wanted to ask, the most pressing issue for those of us who live here in washington, when will the washington monument reopen? [laughter] we hope to have it open a year from now. there are people who kind of like its exoskeleton. and i have a wonderful job, but it is made more wonderful by some of the places i can go. there have been a few places where i say, can i do this, they say, ma'am, you can do anything you want. i got to climb up the stairs to the scaffolding and then the latter that went to the top of the monument and looked them. i kind of like that exoskeleton. i do not have the exact dates. kate, do your member when we are going to reopen? no, pretty sure it is a year from now. it is not going t
in and practiced ability and bipartisanship. his view was after the elections were over, democrats and republicans should work together to deal with a national legislative agenda. seeing his strong leadership qualities and the belief in getting things done for the american people, speaker tip o'neill appointed him to be the with and he was unanimously elected to be our majority leader and then our speaker in 1989. he worked closely with bob michael and they remain great friends after they left congress. later, president clinton named speaker foley to be our ambassador to japan. as a staffer to war and, i worked with him on the spokane world's in the created traumatic change for the largest city in the fifth district. tom was so proud to represent the people of the fifth are congressional district and he always thought this was his most important responsibility. it was a great honor for me that he supported me and my campaign. i was lucky to receive his support as a member of the house and i will always thank him for being such a good mentor. we will always remember the legacy of tom foley. he beli
in the summer or next fall or before the election. by and large, the government shut down drove everybody's numbers down but particularly republicans and they were lucky there was no election immediately after that. if they had, there might have been a slight chance that they would lose the house. it pushed them down to pretty low levels of approval in popularity. there is plenty of time and plenty of events we cannot foresee that will happen between ow and november 2014 that will make any prediction useless and the relevant. host: let's look ahead to 2016. guest: even better. host: you brought up the 47% story which won a george polk award. how will that story be remembered in relation to future elections? guest: i'm assuming everyone will be more careful about what they say. looking back at the video, once the dust settled, it struck me that why hasn't this happened before? we have had years of people running around and everybody has a video recorder, not everybody, but they have it in their pocket with their smartphones and yet nobody had really been caught in such a manner as mitt rom
which is -- budget issues. it is something that can make a comeback in an election year. that is something that you look forward to come up next summer as we approach the midterms. host: we are talking about the budget and time. the legislative days left in the session -- less than three weeks, but how does that factor going forward? guest: they have only so many days to be here, and the bar has been raised since they came out of the shutdown. there is a budget conference meeting, a farm bill conference meeting, and immigration reform, as things that the president wants to see done this year. any one of those moving this year would be huge. as the days pass by, there is less time to get anything done on any of these things. if any one of those things advances, that is a huge win. duca --mes from china from chattanooga. ifler: i would like to know it would lower the egos of some of these people in congress if they could sit down and do a smaller appropriations bill, and that is what i would like to know. host: you want to start? guest: i am not sure it would affect egos.
resolution 393, resolved that the following named be and is hereby elected to the standing committee of the house of representatives, one, committee on education and the work force, mr. po crmp an. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the resolution is agreed to and without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. for what purpose does the gentleman from indiana seek recognition? mr. young: mr. speaker, pursuant to house resolution 391 and section 1002-e of the continuing appropriations act 2014, i have a motion at the desk. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the motion. the clerk: mr. young of indiana moves that the house proceed to consider house joint resolution 99. mr. young: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will suspend. ursuant to section 1002 e-2-b. the motion is not debatable. the question is on the motion. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it and the motion is adopted. the clerk will report the title of the joint resolution. the clerk: jo
as a prosecutor. we became judges about the same time. got elected to congress the same time. known each other now almost 40 years and i want to thank you for all that time you have been serving the community of texas and our districts match each other there in the houston area. we share a common boundary. i think it's important that we're wearing purple ties today, if i remember correctly if you take red and you take blue and you mix them together you get purple. how appropriate because this is a bipartisan endeavor that we are trying to show the horror of domestic violence nationwide. not a democrat issue, not a republican issue, it's an american issue. i guess it's a purple issue. e can use that phrase. spent, as you have mentioned, spending time at the courthouse, i saw a lot of these type of cases. and we have come a long way. yes, it is true, i remember the days when domestic violence, when some spouse would beat up another spouse, no matter how bad the injuries, unless it was death, many times the police would say, this is a family problem. it's not a criminal problem, it's not a public pro
to use a term chi actually love? and i do think therefore elected officials and making sure that they are partners and i'm not talking about which side of the aisle, i'm just saying locally, state, understanding this is the job creation world. and it's not yesterday's jobs. that we have to work with the union movements, work with all the local jurisdictions. we have to work with all the regulators but do anytime a way that creates the next wave of opportunities for that community. and i would say that is not perfect across the country. there are some states that do it better than others. we are in 40 states. so we should know not all equally. one of the things we do is make sure our partnership at the local level is not just one of advocacy but one of critique for self improvement. >> we have a different perspective because we are the finances ear of state and local governments of bonds. our job is making sure that each state and local community is as competitive as possible so they have the highest revenue base. we are advising quite a few municipal tiss and state how they
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7